About Keri

Horses are majestic animals, beautiful and powerful. It is important for those new to the equine world to have a support system in order to learn and gain confidence. KTR Farms offers years of knowledge and experience to help guide any rider through the intricacies of the horse and rider relationship.

 Keri Davidson has been a professional horsewoman for more than twenty years, growing up in Corning, New York.  In 1999, she realized her dream of owning her own horse business and KTR Farms was born. Since then, Davidson has guided clients to more than 45 World Championship Titles and countless Georgia Saddle Club Federation State Titles. Her kind and focused teaching style allows for everyone to feel comfortable and at ease in the saddle. Davidson has a gift for recognizing and developing talents in the show ring but her real love lies in the joy of teaching the art itself. “Helping a client work toward any goal, whether it’s just to be comfortable trotting around or working towards a national title, and seeing the success and the joy that that brings them is the reason why I teach. To see a student progress and develop a love for an animal that I also love is the most amazing experience,” Davidson shared.

Davidson would love to share her passion with you. The time spent on the back of a horse is a formative experience that she understands completely. Come be a part of the magic that happens when a child collects a world show championship trophy or an adult fulfilling a lifelong dream of being confident in the saddle or show ring. Join the KTR partnership for horsemanship with greater understanding and sportsmanship with infinite possibilities.  




You can count on Keri Davidson at KTR Farms to train your horse from birth to under saddle. Keri applies over 20 years of horse training experience to create a relationship between the horse and the rider.

20 years of award winning experience

2018 Pinto World Champion

45 time World Champion Trainer

3 time All around World Champion Trainer

3 time Reserve All around World Champion Trainer

Congress Champion Trainer

Congress All around High point Trainer

Numerous year end awards

Numerous State Championships

2009 Award Winner of Gatorland Mustang Extreme Challenge

- 1st in hand conditioning

- 3rd in hand trail

- 5th in riding

- 7th overall in finals


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