Horse Breaking

·       Colt starting

o   Do you have a young horse you want to get started? KTR Farms has years of experience with breaking out young horses. Valued employee Benny Kimble is a former Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and his work with young horses speaks for itself. Horses that he has broke and that Davidson has trained have won state titles. Their combined efforts have turned unruly foals into wonderful mounts.

·       De-spooking

o   Do you own a giant baby of a horse? Allow KTR to de-spaz their mind, gently teaching and loving them through plastic bags, tarps, water, leaves, wind, etc. It takes a true talent and touch for the horse to turn a scaredy cat horse and turn it into a bombproof trail horse, and it is one that KTR has proven to possess over and over again.

·       Gentling

o   Have a horse with an attitude problem? Through a kind but firm touch, KTR staff can teach your horse ground manners and how to have a quieter mindset, both in and out of the show ring.